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Business Performance Reporting and Analytics

Constant monitoring of performance to achieve long term strategic goals.

Our Client

Our client is a multi-national company headquartered in USA and a pioneer in the field of laser hair removal and innovative cosmetic products. They sell their products across the globe from Japan & US to UK & Korea. With aggressive focus on expanding the market share, new marketing strategies and products in the pipeline,our client continues to innovate by capitalizing on technological advances and making light science discoveries to bring home revolutionary skincare of the highest quality and standards.

Business Opportunity

Our client wants to leverage technology to scale up its business and constantly monitor its business performance to achieve long-term strategic goals. BPRA can help our client protect its strategic position with the generic competitive advantage of price, differentiation or focus.

BPRA Solution

Our client wants to analyze the business performance around the globe based on the sales of their products in different dimension levels. Data from different sources like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) will be consolidated into one data mart for the business analysis and report generation. Consolidation is performed by ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) Process.

  • JAVA + SQL
  • JAVA + Flex + SQL
  • SSRS + SQL
  • Qlikview + SQL

SQL is the backend code which fetches the data from the required databases. The front end or UI part of the reports varies depending on the requirement. For more graphical representations, FLEX is used in the report (Our client Dashboard). To make the dashboard much more flexible from manager’s point of view i.e. Qlikview is used to develop reports.

Dashboard/report can be enhanced or customized even by the manager independent of developer:

  • Qlikview is a tool to develop the Reports or dashboards for the business analysis.
  • This tool will be using the simple SQL queries to fetch the data from DB.
Loading Process

When Qlikview loading process is done, it pulls the data from BPRA and stores it in the RAM of Qlikview server, and when Qlikview is operated, it hits the Qlikview server’s RAM to pull the data so the data processing performance will be good.

Qlikview v/s Flex:

  • Qlikview performance will be good.
  • When a new report or new combination of data report is needed, the manager can develop it in Qlikview with ease whereas in Flex, a manager needs help from the developer.
Architecture Diagram
Component Technology
Data Base SQL Server 2008
ETL Process SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services
Reporting Tool SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)Qlikview
Scheduling Tool SQL Server 2008 Agent
Final Deliverables

The Corporate Ticker (updated every 15 minutes), Marketing Ticker and Daily Flash Report will reflect the performance and show how the sales and marketing departments are performing on their targets.

Executive Dashboard
RMA & Invoice Dashboard
Gross Revenue Report
Client Benefits
  • Client can analyze business performance of any location around the globe.
  • Enables fast decision making for investments and promotions. They can sellout the products in their warehouses by analyzing the inventory and business with new marketing techniques.
  • Real-time sales information is available 24/7 to stay connected with market.
Client Testimonials

“I would like to take this opportunity to share the award for the work we all have done last 2 years. Though the certificate says my name, it belongs to all of us, who contributed to all the success . Thanks to the support provided by all the support functions . Let us all be proud being part of this team, enjoy few moments for our success and move forward to greater things and more successes in the coming months.”
–IT Manager

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