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Poised at the doorstep of big data, most organizations are ill-equipped to convert this breakthrough into a competitive business advantage. To adapt to this, data-centric processes should become an ingrained part of the organization culture. Training across the hierarchical levels is vital for a seamless transition into the big data reality. The need to preserve the competitive edge in an atmosphere of shortened business life cycles and greater quality expectations puts the teams under inordinate stress.

With our Big Agility workshop, we ensure that you walk out with Big Data Analytics concepts, hands-on skills and importantly, with right organizational questions in your mind. This practical training workshop, aimed at managers, executives, business intelligence, database and other IT professionals, will leave you with a strong foundation that can be leveraged and built upon through experience at work place. Our experienced consultants can guide you on Big Data using our Big Agility program in a one week plan to quickly bring you up to speed.

Customized training program for maximum leverage out of the tools, technologies and business eco-system you are interested in

Big Agility Program Outline

01 Introduction to Big Data Analytics.
02 Discuss organization specific business and technical landscape and problems currently being in data domain, industry specific trends.
03 In-depth coverage of exclusive Big Data tools, security, deployment models.
04 Hands on Training on Big Data analysis and popular tools, like Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig and Hive.
05 Training on Data visualizer kit for data analysis.
06 Practice training on rapid prototyping using you provide.
07 Data visualization Techniques and closure.
Walk out with Analytics prototype and investigative insights on your own data using the dataset that your organization provides.

This unique and customized training program provides you with Big Data Visualizer Kits for data analysis, practical training on rapid prototyping, and executive workshops. We initiate by understanding your technical and business data landscape to ensure that the course curriculum stays relevant to your real situations. Our training program will include your requirements and important new age tools and technologies that you can leverage.

After completion of this program, you will learn:

01 Sources and formats of the data.
02 Transformation and other processing of the data.
03 Cluster configuration, data analysis, and visualization using complex tools.

We use the most advanced tools for data extraction, data processing, data storage, analysis, visualization, and data flow to maximize the benefits of our Big Data training.

Big Data Visualizer Kit for data analysis, practical training on rapid prototyping, and executive workshop sessions.
Adaequare can help your organization get started with Big Data. Contact us to arrange an executive workshop and start your own Big Data revolution.