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Product or technology ideas associated with complex specifications can be difficult to understand and most of the well-intended ideas are usually lost in translation leading to failed ventures or faulty implementations. Rapid Prototyping can help validate the ideas in a light-weight connotation and quickly help in handling issues related to feasibility and practicality.

Prototype represents one or more critical aspects of the product under development and is intended to provide information to aid in appropriate scientific evolution of the product. Channeled prototype efforts can contribute phenomenally towards building durable enterprise products that are liked and accepted by all.

Opportunity to define product design and accurately estimate the development efforts


Adaequare’s Rapid Prototyping is based on a framework that has proven track record in achieving desired outcomes quickly and efficiently. As part of this process, we:

01 Document the objectives of the prototyping effort
02 Identify the type of prototype such as proof of concept or feasibility build and test
03 Define and drive specific questionnaire that helps to hone in the right development effort
04 Estimate the size and resource base required for completion and the schedule under which it will be developed
05 Define the success criteria under which the prototype will be declared to have served its purpose
06 Identify the method by which the lessons learned from the prototype will be evaluated and how they will be learned
Building minimum viable products (MVPs) quickly and cost effectively

Our rapid prototyping framework also addresses some key issues that are missed out in typical prototyping efforts such as:

01 Prototyping completion criteria
02 Analysis and disposition of results
03 A high level roadmap for full scale development

You can rely on us for your prototyping efforts, whether you want to validate the Big Data approach for your organization or you want to check on a path breaking innovation.

The right set of tools and resources that give a head start in transforming your thoughts into reality
If you wish to learn more about how we can help you with rapid prototyping, get in touch with us now.