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In today’s world, businesses are required to process and analyze large volumes of data for meaningful insights. It has become increasingly important to present the data in a simple, clear, yet effective way to stimulate business decisions using interactive data visuals.

At Adaequare, we make this possible by using state of the art data visualization techniques and principles. With these, we help you to get detailed view of the information and guide it towards actionable decisions. Our framework allows users to build custom dashboards, data visuals and data sets using the most user friendly and intuitive interface.

Address challenging business issues like fraud detection, risk analytics or a business performance improvement

Our visualization framework


Unique combination of creative design, data and text mining algorithmic skills and statistical modeling expertise to transform your data issues into business opportunities

Our Data Visualizer framework reduces your burden by creating a base of compelling data illustrations. With its dashboard designer and built in metadata capabilities, our framework gives the power users the ability to create on-the-fly analytics, apply advanced complex filters along with sort and drill down features. The framework seamlessly integrates multiple data sources including third party data to create layered illustrations with a visually compelling storyline.

We provide pre-packaged visualization kits to offer a set of visualizations for our customers to validate, alternatively we also offer customized solutions if the existing frameworks cannot handle the visualizations that are needed to create static or dynamic visuals that provide insights and address the challenges at hand.

We offer Web and mobile visualization kits offering predefined static and dynamic graphs. We enable users to gain insights via interactive dashboards and templates that enable automated visualization of data. Our Framework puts special emphasis on multidimensional approach and contextual data such as Geographical location, Maps and Demographics and various other sources of data.

Rapid prototyping approach and packaged visualization kits that can accelerate your time to market
At Adaequare, we believe that data visualization is both an art and a science. We decode the riddle and the enigma for you! Get in touch with us now!