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Important insights from the huge volume of data generated can be lost if the data is not managed appropriately. Transforming high data volume with millions of data points to a visual narrative and often involves a very cumbersome and lengthy process requiring a multitude of skills and resources.

With our considerable experience and expertise, we can help you to quickly gain control in such a situation. With our Data Visualizer Kit, we simplify the complex ground work required in creating compelling data illustrations. With its dashboard designer and built in metadata capabilities, our framework gives the users the ability to create on-the-fly analytics, apply advanced complex filters along with sort and drill down features.

Desktop Data Visualization Kit


The Data Visualizer Kit offers both exploration and explanation of data and helps to analyze the gaps that are hidden in your data. It leverages the data properties within data to choose the relationships you want to reveal and positions the data using predefined templates while making the best use of visual encoding. It seamlessly integrates multiple data sources including third party data to create layered illustrations.

Data Visualizer Kit offers:

01 Simple and Intuitive Interface 02 Index Folder System
03 Flexible Import /Export options 04 Advanced Query Tool
05 Integrated designer dashboard 06 Ability to publish custom Dashboards
07 PDF Flash Flip Books 08 Advanced Mapping Technology
09 Designer Rights    
Analyze the gaps and outliers that are hidden in your data to extract value
A Platform that triages the data, designer and reader of the data
Informative and persuasive visual art for your business information
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