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Visualize mobile data and build innovative custom applications with the power of IP driven expertise

It is time for organizations to summon real time data from multiple systems and interpret them through crisp visualizations on mobiles and tablets. Organizations have little choice but to empower their teams with up to date knowledge for intelligent business decisions and retain the fast pace of service delivery.

At Adaequare, we help you visualize mobile data through innovative, custom applications with the power of IP driven expertise. We are proud of our success stories in this domain, where we have delivered several popular advanced mobile applications in various industry sectors. We have a large talented task force that specializes in building and making innovations in this domain.

Given below are snippets of special value additions that we would like to bring to your attention:

01 Integration with Google Map or other industry standard API for displaying overlays and annotations. 02 Report generation on the fly with animation and drill down options.
03 Customized methodology for Parsing & Loading the data quickly. 04 Secured communication with the Services layer using proprietary or industry standard algorithms.
Offers relevant information to agents on the move from any location
Availability of real-time data and market updates that enables fast decision making for business executives so that they can close the deals in less time


In the above diagram you see a sample mobile data visualization application on Android platform.


01 Discuss the business opportunity with the client, stake holders, owners of data and intervening systems.
02 Build blue prints of how the visualizations look like. We also build architecture, technical and functional design documents on how interactions will happen in the end-to-end context and at various modular levels.
03 Build the application iteratively and make incremental and rapid progress towards meeting the final objectives and the desired user experience levels.
04 Multiple categories of resources that have technical and functional expertise in areas such as mobile frameworks, databases, web services and middleware management will quickly get involved based on the requirement.
05 Our IP, investment in talented resource base, special tools and technologies in this domain will get us to reduced time to market on these projects compared to the competition.

Our feature rich mobile applications cover all industry standard platforms such as iOS and Android, along with intelligent understanding of current location based information, ability to email and share securely with business teams, perform transactions etc.

Configuration driven reports and options at a summary level or detailed level, which can be drilled down along
Contact our customer service to learn how to build empowering mobile data visualizations that can help you gain business growth.