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hybris – An Extraordinary Ecommerce Experience

The key to increased Ecommerce sales is a seamless customer experience across all channels, digital and physical – an Omnicommerce experience.

hybris is one of the world’s most powerful Ecommerce platforms and it has the power to rapidly increase your Ecommerce sales.

BUT, to leverage full benefits of the platform, you need strong hybris technology expertise blended with niche Customer Experience and Testing skills.

Our Testing Expertise with hybris

Adaequare has years of experience in designing, implementing and integrating hybris solutions which are on the forefront of technology, process and agility. We have supported our customers’ needs for Ecommerce Customer Intelligence, Implementation and Support services. Over the years we have mastered the art of testing hybris solutions and have a powerful and proven framework in place to help you gain the maximum benefits from your hybris platform.

hybris Ecommerce Testing

Our Accelerators :

hybris Golden Test Suite

A ‘Ready to Run’, pre-built comprehensive suite of over 500 functional test case covers all of your most common and significant Ecommerce scenarios end-end including full coverage of hybris Ecommerce workflows.

Optimized Test Data Management framework

This framework ensures that the full range of potential defects are identified and eliminated.

Scalable Test Automation Model

This model leverages reusable components to accelerate test automation scripting and release deployment. It is fully customizable per your business needs.

Benefits :

  • Improve Customer Experience through faster response and reduced defects
  • Jump start Test Design by customizing your test scenarios.
  • Increased Test Coverage.
  • Reduced Manual testing and Automation efforts.
  • Reduced Time-to-Market.
  • Shortened release life cycles.
  • Cost savings for you.

Why Adaequare for hybris testing ?

  • Customer Focused Approach
  • hybris Implementation, Integration, Maintenance and Testing Experience
  • End to End Ecommerce testing services expertise
  • Rich Toolset, Accelerators and Frameworks
  • Deep Domain Expertise with IP in Proprietary Ecommerce products Excellor, and Havasay.