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Is your organization taking the right steps towards testing the established functionality for various releases?

The core functionality of enterprise implementations usually does not change by leaps and bounds once it gains stabilization and user acceptance. Subsequent releases will just add new features. Most organizations will have their quality assurance teams focus on a significant part of their efforts on repeated testing of established functionality, instead of new features and complex functionality. This largely reduces the productivity of the QA team.

Adaequare’s ADTF tool is aimed at improving the organizational QA team’s productivity and making the products more robust. The tool helps in understanding the process of automating the test of established core functionality. ADTF also helps in organizing the automation test suite repository as per the release requirements of the enterprise. Automatic test of critical functionality will ensure that the most effective test cases are always tested quickly before going live.

Action Driven Test Automation Framework (ADTF) is a portable software test automation framework for web applications. It is developed using Selenium2, TestNG, ReportNG and JavaEE to fulfill all the automation needs of Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) based testing. ADTF combines the key elements of TDD and BDD into a single framework. The desired behavior of a software unit as described in the key principles of TDD and BDD is captured as actions in ADTF from requirements written in English language.

Action Driven Test Automation Framework


The process is as follows

01 ADTF directly understands the formal parts of the ubiquitous language in a specification document and based on this, the tool breaks each scenario into meaningful actions.
02 Each individual clause in a scenario is then parameterized for testing a user story. This part requires project-specific work by the software developers.
03 The ADTF framework then executes the test for each scenario with the parameters from that scenario.


01 The best test management capabilities of Selenium and TestNG are incorporated
02 XML driven framework for easy maintainability
03 Extendable for building new functionality using building blocks
04 Customizable test execution reports
05 Supports internationalization of testing
06 Organized change management and version control


01 Next generation generic automation framework
02 Record and Play test cases
03 Easy to manage objects and data
04 No need to customize the script
05 Easy to create and maintain test suites
06 Easy to manage test cases through repositories


01 Web Interface for test case management and execution
02 Web based reporting
03 Faster execution
04 Extendable
05 Maintainable
05 Multi browser, Multi-OS testing
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