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Business performance intelligence is a set of analytics reports that enable the management to understand the organization’s performance and aid in formulating or achieving business goals.

Adaequare offers an effective Business Performance Reporting and Analytics solution that can act as a great foundation for building your customizations. This solution covers several intuitive and important features which can help you save a lot of your time.


01 It demonstrates a top-down framework by which the organizations can align their planning and execution, strategy and tactics.
02 It helps organizations consolidate information measurements at various levels of business operations.
03 These insights will help the management to measure the performance of the organization against their current business goals. They will also help in the assessment of business entities and in formulation of new goals that can definitely improve the organization’s future.

Cost effective and quick to deploy BPRA solution

Flexible, scalable and easy to deploy architecture


Adaequare offers easy to deploy pre-configured BI solution with ETL as a service. Our standard and basic implementation of business intelligence usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. BPRA provides integrated ETL, Data Warehouse, Reporting and Analytics services tailored to quickly meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. This solution entails efficient data mart architecture to enable insightful reporting and analytics.

01 Sales reports covering sales performance and cockpit reports for senior management
02 Marketing reports that show channel score cards, campaign effectiveness etc.
03 Financial reports that show financial health and analytics, revenue versus COGS reports etc.
04 Operations reports that cover supply chain analytics KPI analytics, inventory levels, order pipelines etc.

Intuitive and easy usage and maintainability

Reach out to our customer service and ask for our basic packaged offering that can go live in under 8 weeks.