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The world would have been truly flat if we operated with a single taxonomy for all our needs. With each information automation utility having its own information nomenclature, whether it addresses forms automation, transaction automation or compliance automation, we require taxonomy translation in almost everything we do!

Enterprise Taxonomy Management offers

01 Meta data shared between utilities
02 Services shared between applications
03 Standardizing the naming nomenclature for data, documents or inventory


Whether it is a large organization or a small organization or an external compliance requirement, it is about applying the information organized under the taxonomy of utility to the taxonomy of another utility.

At Adaequare, we have introduced a platform – Taxilla – that helps you manage and translate taxonomy for your enterprise requirements. It assists you with:

01 Forms taxonomy to render Forms Processing
02 Transaction automation (App-to-App, B2B, Jurisdictional Compliance or more)
03 Compliance processing (Transactional, Legal or Operational)
04 Data Science for Analytics


There are various conditions in which Taxilla can deliver benefits.

01 A new employee has to fill in 4 to 5 forms while joining in order to get a single UI with an ability to print all five forms, store the submitted data in the database or machine readable formats along with features such as ability to attach documents, workflow to fill, verify and review before submission.
02 Your transaction systems need information about translations to convert an eCommerce order into an ERP order, an ERP/ecommerce order to get converted to any specific format such as XBRL, XML, EDI or others, apply external rules such as tax rules to return calculate values or to generate printable documents in various specified formats.
03 Your compliance requirements, whether mandated by jurisdiction norms or internal requirements for transformations in the data from various source forms to required formats, in order to perform computations, generate printable or electronic files or merely measure compliance adherence.

Single repository for your enterprise utility based taxonomy whether it is forms, transactions, compliance or analytics

Adaptable process with a set of configurable rules and salient features for your data

Seamlessly and securely renders within or with your enterprise applications

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