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In today’s fast paced and dynamic markets, it has become very difficult to understand and gauge needs and aspirations of users, especially because of the diversity in cultures, climates and mindsets. Companies are constantly facing challenges in defining their “Strategy” which has now become much more dynamic, in the face of these complexities.


Continuous delivery and ready to release prototyping.

How can we create successful innovation?

As the traditional “Inside out” approach is fast becoming redundant, it has become critical to explore a different approach to innovation. Successful innovations are no longer about scientific, engineering or supply-chain processes… now, there is constant pressure on companies to define their Grand Strategy through an “Outside In” approach.

At Adaequare, our focus is primarily on the User as a source of inspiration for innovation. By focusing on satisfying user’s needs, wants and aspirations, we look externally and take a dynamic “Outside In” approach. We believe that this is the most efficient and sustainable way to innovate solutions that customers buy. It can be diagrammatically represented as:


Do product visualizations and create out-of-the-box user experience
Create and implement strategy to perform user, system and integration testing.
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How to implement outside-in approach?

Once all the requirements (user, business & technology) are captured successfully, we evaluate them thoroughly and plan the product development activities as mentioned below:


Unlike engineering and testing, Agile is not a new approach for design. At every stage, user requirements are regularly validated and necessary iterations are made to the design. The best part in the outside-in approach is that it’s agile at each phase and in itself hence it does not require engineering and testing phase to wait until the design phase is completed.