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Product Re-engineering focuses on modification of an existing product, sometimes through reverse engineering. The objective of re-engineering a product is to optimize its performance by adding new functionalities and taking advantage of emerging technologies. The re-engineering effort can be for a new business need, upgrading legacy applications or for keeping pace with competitors. With the help of our re-engineering services we help the customers to fix the issues with previous software development.

Life Cycle

Adaequare‘s successful product re-engineering services follows a structured process:

01 Understand the current business model of the client
02 Identify existing modules/features
03 Figure & address problem areas that require modification
04 Identify and address the problem
05 Plan and Prioritize new features to meet the current market requirements
06 Study & Analyze existing architecture to check the feasibility to extend
07 Re-design robust, scalable and extendible architecture
08 Test & deliver re-engineered product
09 Provide Value added support in the live environment

Keep pace with competitors by maximizing technology investments

Leverage emerging technologies to optimize Product Performance

Fix issues with past and current software development efforts

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