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The QlikView Business Discovery Solution for Insurance

Create Profitably Growth in a Competitive Market

Utilize Business Intelligence (BI) strategically. Keep loss ratios as low as possible while offering the right products to the right customers. Analyze every aspect of customer behavior and relationships. Empower the entire business to optimize decisions that affect performance and profitability.

Powerful Business Discovery Made Simple

With increased competition, product commoditization and price pressure, insurance companies are seeking to create differentiated value propositions in their products, while reducing losses and improving efficiencies. Business people in functions such as sales, marketing, finance, underwriting, and claims all drive the bottom line. Profitability depends on ensuring everyone in the insurance company makes optimal decisions.

Using QlikView, leading insurance companies worldwide can:
  • Improve understanding of market risk, credit risk and intra-day liquidity
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities and manage expenses
  • Maximize effectiveness and profitability of trading
  • Analyze portfolio and multi asset class investment performance
  • Provide external clients with powerful self service analytics
  • Optimize trade-life-cycles and streamline operations

The QlikView Customer Experience

Over 2,500 financial services institutions rely on the QlikView platform, including all of the top 5 insurance companies based in North America and Europe*, because it empowers business users and decision-makers, providing access to on demand analysis, insights and business discovery.
* 2011 "Forbes 2000" list

Compliment your existing BI investment with QlikView
Every insurance company has one or more traditional BI products in place. However, insurers typically leverage those products for just managed reporting since business users require a more agile, easy to use BI solution that enables to them with self service discovery capabilities. Learn why such a large number of insurance companies are adopting QlikView.