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Proactively prevent defects from occurring in the first place rather than focusing on detecting them after Development.

Elaborate planning for large, complex projects is sometimes an ineffective technique as it takes us away from ground realities and can lead to high costs and failed efforts where organizations hesitate to take bold steps on new initiatives. The course of a project should be responsive and based on completed work and feasibility rather than speculation. There are various norms and uncertainties which define large and complex projects.

  • Specifications will never be fully understood by all stakeholders

  • The user will never know what they want until they see a working software

  • An interactive system can never be fully specified nor can it ever be fully tested.

  • Software evolves more rapidly in chaotic conditions


Agile Testing plays an important role in facilitating this shift as it thoroughly validates today’s work and ensures that tomorrow’s actions are meaningful without losing sight of the end objectives. It can ensure that teams don’t design anything that is not built and don’t build anything that is not used.

Adaequare can bring valuable additions to your business cycles by jump starting your test components and preventing chaos in software development cycles, whether you are just making forays into the agility based software development or already have established agility practices. With proven leadership, vast experience and domain expertise, Adaequare partners with you to formulate the right combination of scrum team members and ensure that quality assurance stays a prime focus in your agile implementations.

Improved quality in the way teams utilize their time and elimination of wasted efforts by all stake holders
Flexible approaches and adaptable to radical changes. We imbibe quality in all areas and engage our experts early to ensure a smooth journey
High quality delivery and ROI in tangible increments to achieve big milestones at every stage

Test Agility life cycle process that we followed for some of our implementations at summary level.


Our Agile team is attuned to lean thinking and trained to deliver quality while focusing on productivity. Avoid getting stuck at 90%. Accomplish 100% by implementing Agile Testing and making it a part of your development strategy!

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