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Data Warehouse is an integral part of most organizations, which typically contains the entire data of organization consolidated over a long period of time from multifarious sources. This evolution means that no single employee or business unit has wholesome knowledge of the warehouse, and the inherent knowledge within the organization becomes siloed and fragmented.

The Data warehouse is the single main source of truth in the company, and with data growing into unwieldy volumes and the advent of big data revolution, the problem is only compounded. This unique evolution into the Data Warehouse mess puts the key business flows in jeopardy.

At Adaequare, we believe that Data Warehouse Quality Assurance is not confined to specific stage in software life cycle or specific component in the business workflow but the entire ecosystem. Instead of a tactical approach, we believe in a proactive approach, where testing is managed continuously so that the warehouse evolves as intended. Beginning with an architectural evaluation of the Data Warehouse and all its intervening systems, our strategic approach can help you build strong efficiencies in Data flows.

Through our discovery sessions, we help you identify the areas that need immediate focus and carve our long term road maps to stay future-proof, flexible and nimble and ahead of your competitors.

Adaequare’s Data Warehouse (DW) Quality Management ensures that customers make intelligent decisions based on accurate and timely analysis of data by addressing all facets of DW testing.

  • Upstream data issues

  • Timelines and accuracy of data

  • Security of data

  • History of data and its maintenance

  • Availability of data for decision

There are continuous changes in the data warehouse schema and the data being entered and retrieved. To address this, Adaequare’s Data Warehouse Quality Management approach includes structure, rigor and appropriate stakeholder involvement and a focus on cleansing the data before it even makes it into the warehouse.

End to end Integration Testing on Data warehouses and all their intervening components
Facilitate improvements in specific focus areas as well as outline long term strategic road maps
Process-driven and tested frameworks along with our experience in recommending the best combination of tools and technologies

In the diagram above, you see a process driven approach we followed for one of our implementations, where the focus was on cleansing the data before it makes it into the warehouse.

Want to know more how Adaequare Data Warehouse Quality Management can help transform your business? Reach out to our customer service.