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Test Architecture helps design and implements testing practices that enable software applications to perform in the best manner, an important activity that needs to be undertaken at least once in a year. Most organizations do not focus on optimizing their test architecture and investments. Improving adhoc test architectures and adopting ideal test life cycles can reap large business rewards.

Adaequare’s Test Architecture Consulting ensures that your applications are firing on all cylinders. We cover the following value additions in a phase-wise approach.

01 Discovery

We start by doing your test competency assessment and verifying the effectiveness of your current state of testing. We review all your environments, current tools, techniques and testing types, and more. We gather the testing pain points from various stake holders ranging from the leadership team to the user community.

02 Road map There are several testing types such as manual, automation, performance, security, mobile, white box etc. We methodically prioritize and propose a road map for the types of testing you need to invest in, in the coming months.
03 Recommendation Adaequare’s Test Architecture Consulting team has specialized expertise in conducting test tool feasibility study for various testing types and organizational setups. We leverage this to compare and contrast insights to recommend the best combination of tools and technologies.
04 Proposal We review if your test infrastructure is nimble and cost effective for your unique business needs. Our team proposes and designs the best infrastructure configuration needed to ensure smooth work flow and software development life cycles.
05 Integration Finally, we integrate the test life cycle with your development life cycle, be it agile or water fall and ensure maximum leverage.

There are various key components that fall within the spectrum of Test Architecture.

Overall Testing Competency assessment, effectiveness and clear visibility on how this directly contributes to your bottom line
Methodically derive the right tool requirement and feasibility that is best for your organization through our tool adoption strategy
Get the best test infrastructure needed for your organization ranging from on-premises sand boxes to elastic cloud compute environments


During our assessment process, we identify the core areas where the focus is required. Since your test architecture and work flows may have evolved as outcomes of other activities and investments in enterprise setup, we review those components and analyze if they are optimized or acting as an impediment instead.

We freshly identify the testing types that are most important for your organization and review if these areas are receiving enough focus. We optimize your infrastructure ranging from on premises sand boxes to multitenant test infrastructures, on-demand elastic cloud testing environments and vendor enabled mobile cloud testing. We conduct a secondary review if your tool and technology choices are the right ones for the optimal to-be test architecture scenario. We also automate your regression test suite using best combination of automation test tools that are feasible for your infrastructure.

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