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Grappling with live user base, emergency fixes, infrastructure optimizations while maintaining minimal service interruptions – these are some of the biggest challenges in Production Environments.

Control group testing and user acceptance testing try to closely mimic production environments; they rarely scale up to the size and specifics of real world user base. Each environment is unique. Taking UAT environment results at face value and trying to apply them off the cuff to real Production environments is a sure recipe for disaster. Production loss and crash scenarios are often the results of such random actions. Once the application under test has gone live, there is an additional challenge of ensuring uninterrupted service and smooth ongoing user experience.

Adaequare specializes in five test areas that uniquely impact production environments with the associated high severities.

01 Quality improvements that were detected after going live that quickly need to
reach user base
02 Service Packs
03 Hot fixes that need to be tested and approved within hours
04 Performance testing of live environment with the associated alert indicators for immediate proactive actions
05 Infrastructure optimization testing to address sudden scalability, performance and security related issues.


Our war room teams address mission critical applications where user experience needs to be given top priority. We ensure minimal or no service interruption, while deploying architectures that help streamline Testing in Production and while administering corrections to the live environment.


In the above diagram, you see one such configuration that employs cloned production instances. We specialize in server replication, hot cloning and virtualization technologies and work with your teams to optimize the existing production environment for testing. We start by comprehensively understanding your existing production environment and then work towards improvisation in feasible steps.

Adaequare has expertise in advanced testing tools and technologies that can be easily plugged into the production environments. These tools proactively perform load testing, spike testing, endurance testing, performance testing and security testing at frequent intervals and deliver complete diagnostics.

Our teams are flexible and are trained in best testing practices in production. We test in special maintenance windows, or specifically designated time frames. We also have non-invasive read-only test suite and transactions specifically designed for production environments where the objective is to not disrupt the production data in anyway while addressing mission critical test cases.

Robust strategy ensuring quality with minimal service interruptions
Expertise in five test areas which uniquely impact production environments
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