Data Manufacturing / Preparation

We are the Data
Preparation Experts!

Focus on your core business,
while we take care of your data

  • Improved Data Quality

    Superior data quality delivered through efficient data cleaning & enrichment techniques

  • Advanced data delivery

    Deliver high quality data as licensed files & via the scalable data as a service APIs

  • Better Business decisions

    High quality data, Dashboards & widgets for transparency ensure critical business planning, decision making

Capture raw data from
multiple sources & refine it into information rich
assets for accurate analysis and valuable business insights

High quality data made possible by matching against data definitions & enriching with data assets

Data Processing

Specialized data processing services include cleansing, enrichment to improve data quality while ensuring consistent & accurate information through automation

  • Capture & Consolidation of Multi-format, Multi-Source Data, profiling & organization per metadata definition & rules
  • Data cleansing, which involves synchronization, manual & automated verification, removal of duplicates & Fixing of errors
  • Data Enrichment by normalizing, standardizing, supplementing & mapping existing data with More Attributes
  • Delivering single version of data truth

Data as a Service

Offer high quality Data & other data outcomes including precision reporting & analytics as a service for consumption of downstream applications

  • Creation of reusable data sets callable through message queues, web-service and custom applications
  • Licensed data files, Data summarization with localization available as a service
  • Transaction level data or bulk data available as APIs
  • Data Analytics as a service – Risk Analytics & Predictive Analytics, Market trends, Valuation Reports

Extendable Dashboards

Extendable smart dashboards & customizable widgets with visual interpretation for better insights & easy mining of the ingested data

  • We build Flexible , Customizable smart widgets which are shareable & embeddable
  • Visual & Data intensive widgets to mine analytics from ingested data
  • Widgets with seamless sync with 3rd party APIs for notifications, updates/ information
  • Deliver insights right from your customers portals with embeddable smart widgets
  • AI enabled data search by context through the datastores


Delta data capture

Process with Dynamic Metadata driven UI for delta & error handling

AI powered data search

Indexed data search available as widgets & AI powered suggestions

Advanced data APIs

Data offered as a services using advanced REST APIs

Licensed Data files

Share & license flat data or customized data files

Shareable data widgets

Pre-configured data search & visualization offered as embeddable widgets

Distributed data storage

Distributed cloud storage with multi-node clustering for processing

Why Us?

  • Proven experience in dealing with complex data

  • Minimal turn-around time with continuous data delivery

  • Extensive process knowledge of data preparation

  • Highly experienced and skilled data processing personnel

  • Scalable delivery as per the rapidly changing needs

  • 100% accurate data delivered each time every timeDecrease of data costs

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