Transforming disparate
data the world over!

Any data: structured, unstructured, multi-source, multi-format & irrespective of source

  • Reduced ETL costs

    Optimized processing power & reduced costs on dealing with disparate data sets

  • Accelerated outcomes

    Visual tools with configurable rules make is very easy to map & build transformations

  • Improved efficiency & turn around

    Shareable & reusable processes with versioning of maps improve change management, efficiencies

Accelerate the process of transforming data & build successful, repeatable
processes to ensure consistency.

Power up your data, blend, merge, transform & give it the form you need

Data Mapping & Transformation

Enabling Any-to-Any transformation for disparate data formats & sources with worlds best ETL tools along with our innovative home grown tool set

  • Intuitive D-I-Y visual data mapping toolset to create data maps from source format to target format
  • Data transformation maps versioned with time against changing metadata definitions
  • Scalable architecture to securely transform bulk volumes of data all across your workloads
  • Advanced data controls such as real-time data filtration and change data capture

Transformation sequencing

Sequencing of Transformation & Bridging of Data Processing applications to generate multiple precision outcomes to target systems

  • Bridged Data Processing apps to consume preprocessed data & render data for downstream systems
  • Sequencing to render multi-format outcomes and transformation as a service
  • Cater to multiple target systems based on the source order of the transformations
  • Additional incremental outcomes & analytical reporting

Custom connectors/ Listeners

Securely synchronize all of your data from any type of source systems in both real-time & offline modes, be it transactional or bulk data.

  • We support & custom build data connectors, other logical components that enable all dimensions of data extraction & data transformation
  • Webservice, sFTP based configurable connectors, Pre-built connectors for standard ERP, Accounting or source systems


Automatic failover

Built-in load balancing with automatic failover

Transformation Versioning

Versioning of the transformation maps against changing rules

Rules based Transformation

Rules , Filtration, Validation all configured against the transformation map

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly move data between different systems with connectors.

Transformation as a service

Data transformation jobs available as a RESTful/SOA web service

Scalable architectures

Ever scalable high performing architecture design for bulk processing

Why Us?

  • Faster data delivery & easier change management

  • Reusable Transformation application built for broader use cases

  • Experience with high volume big data projects

  • Innovative home grown cloud based transformation tools

  • Consistent & Tangible benefits to your enterprise

  • Proven process with zero error rate & no re-work

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