Data Extraction

Get insightful data required
for your organization growth

Extract structured & unstructured data from variety of sources and export to structure and readable format for advancing your business growth

  • Access to quality and structured data which is ready to use

    Data is provided in required format like excel, .csv, XML & JSON for additional processing

  • Competitive Agility

    Access the latest data for research and be ready to respond to change

  • Reduced manual errors

    Automatic extraction of data from documents and images ensure that the data retrived is accurate

  • Get the data at right time

    Configuration based schedulers will ensure that right data is delivered at right time

we customize and configure framework to extract data from web sites, documents or any other source like RDBMS and non- RDBMS databases as per your requirements which can either be deployed on cloud or on on premise.

Web scraping Services

Adaequares’s web scraping services helps enterprises to retrieve data from any website. Our team of engineers help you to configure, custom build, deploy and maintain web scraping agents for you and feed required data in the required format in your downstream applications.

  • Tell us the website, what data to extract and how frequently. Our expert’s team will build a custom solution with required configurations for easy maintainability.
  • Scalable solution which can handle growing data requirements as your business grow.
  • Configurable schedulers to easily change the frequency of data extraction from the website.
  • Integration with third party proxy managers to avoid blocking of agents to extract data from websites.
  • Integration with captcha resolution services to extract the data from the web sites which requires to enter captcha.
  • Dashboard to monitor the web scraping agents.
  • Develop, Deploy and Maintain web scraping agents.

Data Extraction from documents

Adaequares’s data extraction services from documents help enterprises to extract data from various files like pdf, png, jpeg & word documents and convert to structured data.

  • Extract data from complex layout documents.
  • Integrate with downstream applications to automate the various business operations like transaction reconciliation, verifying application etc.,
  • Process the files in batch.

Data Extraction from Source System

Adaequares’s data extraction services help enterprises to extract data from various sources which are relational or non relational databases either hosted on premise or on cloud.

  • Connectors to connect to various source systems including accounting and ERP.
  • Full extraction and only incremental data extraction based on the need.
  • Secured transfer of sensitive data like primary identifiers by encryptingdata in transit.
  • Automated extraction process which can extract data during offline hours.


Automatic Failover

Built in load balancer with automatic failover and retry strategy

Proxy manager

Integration with proxy manager services ensure that our will not be blocked by websites

Scalable Architecture

Scalable high performance architecture to meet your growing business demands

Captcha resolution

Integration with captcha resolution ensures that captcha is not an issue while scraping data

Adjustable selection criteria

Convert entire document or specific section of document to retrieve the text

Data privacy

Secure data transfer of sensitive information with encryption

Why Us?

  • Proven competence in extraction data from complex layout websites & document

  • Professional and skilled engineers to deliver end-to-end solutions

  • Skilled programmers to deliver cost effective solution with continuous data extraction

  • Scalable solution built by experienced architecture to meet rapidly growing business requirements

  • Extensive process knowledge in data extraction

  • Dedicated support team to meet critical client demands

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