Data Preparation

Convert raw data from diverse sources in to a meaningful data

Create better business strategies, automate the regular workflows and gain competitive edge by gaining access to more insightful, meaningful and actionable data

  • Data standardization

    Consolidate data from different sources and convert them to uniform format which can be consumed by business operations

  • Data Validation

    Easily configurable rules to validate the data and ensure to pass on most accurate data to downstream applications

  • Automated business operations

    Process the data and compare it with data from other sources and automate the business workflows

  • Defined Outcome

    Get the data in the format you want

We process the raw data from varied sources and convert them to standard or presentable format and automate the regular business operations with configurable rules

Processing Rules

Adaequares’s processing rule services enable enterprises with cleansing, enrichment to improve data quality while ensuring consistent & accurate information through automation

  • Capture & Consolidation of Multi-format, Multi-Source Data, profiling & organization per metadata definition & rules
  • Data cleansing, which involves synchronization, manual & automated verification, removal of duplicates & Fixing of errors
  • Data Enrichment by normalizing, standardizing, supplementing & mapping existing data with More Attributes
  • Delivering single version of data truth

Workflow Automation

Adaequares’s workflow automation services helps enterprises to enable workflows and apply configurations to convert data into defined outcome for automating regular business operations which increase the operations efficiency & reliability

  • RPA based data verification , validation, approvals & rejection
  • Eliminate majority of the manual work of physical document verification through automated workflows
  • Curate & Catalogue any data set and make it available as analytic ready datasets
  • Leverages machine learning and improves through usage

Data as a Service

Offer high quality Data & other data outcomes including precision reporting & analytics as a service for consumption of downstream applications

  • Creation of reusable data sets callable through message queues, web-service and custom applications
  • Licensed data files, Data summarization with localization available as a service
  • Transaction level data or bulk data available as APIs
  • Data Analytics as a service – Risk Analytics & Predictive Analytics, Markettrends, Valuation Reports
  • AI enabled data search by context through the datastores


Bulk volume processing

Highly Scalable cloud architecture with great processing power

Rules Automation

RPA based workflows & rules automation for unattended execution

Advanced data APIs

Data offered as a services using advanced rest APIs

Seamless Integration

Move processed data to different systems without any hurdles

Data Analytics

Discover useful information and derive conclusions that supports the decision making process

Scalable Architecture

Scalable high performance architecture to meet your growing business demands

Why Us?

  • Proven competence in preparing high volume varied complex data from different sources

  • Minimum turn around time with continuous data delivery

  • Skilled programmers to deliver cost effective solution with continuous delivery data processing models

  • Scalable solution built by experienced architecture to meet rapidly growing business requirements

  • Extensive process knowledge in data preparation for various domains like real estate, health care,
    background verification, accounting & finance.

  • Proven process with zero error rate and no re-work

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Extract structured & unstructured data from variety of sources and export to structure and readable format for advancing your business growth

Data Transformation

Complex transformations, Rules automation, Data Standardization, Enrichment made simpler

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