Data Qualification/Reporting

Load quality data into target system from varied sources and generate custom reports

Always access latest and up-to-date information for various strategic decisions

  • Consistent data quality

    Data quality is ensured by continuous monitoring

  • zero decision error with improved efficiency

    Automated qualification process with precision outcomes and zero tolerance to errors

  • Clear reports & dashboards

    Access right data at exact time and track the right metric for better decision making

  • Governed data based on the business role

    Deliver relevant reports based on user role for better operational efficiency

We load the qualified data from any system to create custom reports and immersive visuals which enables you to monitor goals, identify opportunities, predict demand and many more

Our Data Qualification services ensure your data is always reliable, and your turnarounds for decisionmaking purposes are rapid.

Qualification & Rules Automation

Turn your data into smart trusted assets; utilize configurable meta data rules with automated workflows for Qualification

  • Analytics ready data which is qualified against set of standard data governance rules
  • Dynamic UI with delta capture to easily qualify & manage
  • Integration & Validation against external sources with workflows & rules
  • Validation & Qualification Rules extended as a service that can be applied against any data set

Dashboards for data reporting

  • Batch or sequential loading of data
  • Reduced dependency on excel spreadsheets to unlock the value of data
  • Trouble free filtering of data to look the data from multiple perspectives
  • Schedule data reporting and distribute reports and dashboards periodically
  • Easy interpretation of large and complex data
  • Seamless integration with any ERP, accounting system or any other source to load the data


Realtime reporting

Load Realtime data and access most recent data

Targeted delivery of reports

Deliver reports to the right people at appropriate time

Scalable Architecture

Scalable high performance architecture to meet your growing business demands

Seamless Integration

Access processed data from various sources without any hurdles

Extendable Dashboards

Smart Dashboard with customizable widgets

Why Us?

  • Professional expertise in building visualizations using Power BI, Tableau, Looker and more

  • Better business decisions with access to dashboards with quality data

  • Delivered highest quality data to multiple enterprises

  • Scalable solution built by experienced architecture to meet rapidly growing business requirements

  • Extensive process knowledge to enable continuous delivery of reports for business growth

  • Proven process with zero error rate and no re-work

  • Guaranteed Decrease of data costs

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