B2B Portals

Boost your
B2B Commerce

Offer buyers an Intuitive, Self-Service portal & more

  • Omni-channel control

    Business intelligence dashboards present consolidated overview for control

  • Personalized Experiences Delivered

    Custom catalogues & multi-site capabilities, personalized pricing, group deals

  • Improved Buyer-Seller Interactions

    Easy information exchange & dispute management between buyers & sellers

Adaequare has mastered the art of delivering B2C & B2B commerce portals
for businesses – we can cater to a small, medium or a large scale entity.

Out-of-the-box B2B features like special accounts & deals, displaying unique price books, showcasing specific catalogues, creating custom workflows for different customer groups, and much more!

B2B Vendor & Partner Management

Enable seamless information flow between partners to enhance visibility, boost collaboration between you & your vendors. Leverage order processing, partner commissions and royalties to strengthen relations

  • Enable easy onboarding & management of vendors/ suppliers or dealers;
  • Communicate in real time with vendors and suppliers & exchange documents
  • Workflows to collaborate & deal with transaction disputes
  • Provide ability to vendors to perform complex searches and build reports on vendor activities
  • Dispatch of POs & invoices for payment including PO flip

Shared Dealer Catalogues and Deals

Ensure that your most valued partner/customer is rewarded.
Import multiple supplier catalogs, each serving different B2B customers, allow you to tailor what you sell and whom you sell it to.

  • Import multiple supplier catalogs, each serving different B2B customers, allow you to tailor what you sell and whom you sell it to.
  • Classify and categorize products, manage multiple catalog versions
  • Multi-site capabilities to create an entirely customized website experience for exclusive customers.
  • E-catalogue capabilities for order-taking, confirmation & catalogue management

Pre-priced supplier catalogues

Offer unique pre-priced catalogues to target dealers/vendors for a designated period. Apply different offer prices to different variants of products in the supplier catalogue.

  • Set up multiple price lists per catalog to provide you with online sales flexibility.
  • Create Pre-Priced Supplier Catalogues by HSN / SAC / SKU level granularity of the products
  • Enable pricing agreements, special rate cards, deals & group discounts to suppliers / dealers
  • Also offer dynamic and unit-specific pricing, upselling, and advanced discounts.

Features of B2B solution

Multiple catalogues

Uniquely offer catalogues for each of your customers

Approval workflows

Workflows for faster order processing & seamless information sharing

Bank grade security

multi-layered approach to security & better payments

2-way ERP Integrations

Easier 2-way integration with the legacy ERP/ Systems


Intelligent dashboards with insights to get a complete view of your commerce

E-Commerce platform

Our native technology platform that supports B2B & B2C portals

Why us for B2B e-commerce?

  • Get your B2B commerce site up and running quickly

  • Premium services and support to all enterprise-grade users

  • No hidden costs with the lowest support costs ever

  • Expertise in implementing any selling model either B2B / B2C

  • Worked with multiple global brands & sites

  • We are a complete commerce shop

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