Customer Engagement

Delight your
B2B Commerce

Engage & Deliver B2C kind of
enriching experiences

  • Optimized processes

    Better customer onboarding processes & KYC experiences

  • Customer Centric Brand

    Build a very customer specific brand & promote strong brand association, recall

  • Decisions Powered by Data

    Power your decisions with deeper knowledge about your customer

Adaequare helps you power all your interactions & enables you deliver
amazing customer experiences across all touch points

End-to-end customer engagement solutions powered by a set of native customer service capabilities & our home grown tool set like havasay & excellor . All of them integrate well into the larger customer-driven enterprise & deliver the best possible experience.

Corporate Social Wall

Corporate Social Wall is a microsite that can be added to your corporate website where customers can collaborate, discuss, read FAQs, publish positive reviews, posts from across channels in real-time

  • Enhance your website with user-generated content, Use a social wall to keep your website fresh with social content
  • Enable easier collaboration, provide a common platform for interactions
  • Increase your brand awareness & customer association, promote content from multiple social channels

KYC with One Master Data

Deliver context aware services with single, harmonised repository for managing and distributing data that accurately represents business entities such as customers, employees, products, & facilities

  • Know your customers Sentiment with effective Social Listening of your customer responses to your products
  • Improved KYC Services with fuzzy data matching for linking & matching incomplete customer records
  • Context Driven Identity & system that adapts to the customer responses & the usage context

Social Content Syndication

Ability to sync content from across all your channels vis-
a-vis, social media, e-commerce, Q&A etc., gives you a strong control and visibility on customer views & opinions

  • Syndicate Content Across Platforms Share and publish reviews across websites and social channels
  • Moderate all your customer reviews with powerful moderation studio that let’s you manage and rank your reviews better
  • Share quick Inline responses with context aware auto suggest response content


Multi-channel Sync

Synchronization support with multiple source systems

Single truth repository

Single customer / vendor/ org master for better KYC services

Content Moderation

Strong rule based content moderation for control & visibility

Easier Integrations

Easy embed of widgets into web portals & integrations to CRM

Context driven identity

A completely context aware intelligent KYC system with master data

Easy Social data search

Search through the social data stream, feeds from multiple channels

CX is the new UX, And we have mastered it

  • Continuos innovation towards engaging solutions

  • Consistent brand experiences across multiple channels

  • We enable strong control with automation & workflows

  • Tailored Services to suit business type & need

  • Rapid prototyping for better outcomes

  • Global know-how of implementing world class CX systems

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