Knowledge Base Implementation

Offer your customers
the millennial support

Intelligent & highly interactive
knowledge based systems

  • Better customer experiences

    Enable self-service through conversational knowledge base & deliver better experience

  • No more Knowledge Silos

    Get rid of Knowledge Silos, unlock the trapped information among teams to gain useful insights

  • Increased productivity

    Equip your customer success teams with easy search of latest information & boost productivity

We offer smart knowledge base
implementation services
to support your customers and service agents

AI rich conversational knowledge which encompasses you, your team & your customers to manage generated knowledge, answer complex questions, execute searches and deliver the right outcomes.

AI Driven Knowledge Management

A smart knowledge base that helps you capture, segregate & transform a wide variety of knowledge into useful search-ready content with auto indexing of relevant content for better outcomes.

  • Information validation engine to ensure it’s up-to-date
  • Easy search through aggregated, segregated & structured content
  • Collaborative knowledge sourcing with workflows to ensure accuracy & completeness
  • Alerts & updates right to your inbox on Latest knowledge updates including product offerings, services updates, & customer promotions

Q & A knowledge Base

Make the most of costumer generated content. Capture, create & publish FAQs to a public knowledge base. Quickly publish help centres with improved self-service & faster resolution

  • Build your own branded help center with all common Q &amp As at one place
  • Easily import knowledge base from any raw data files formats or other systems
  • Mobile-friendly Help Centre where customers can easily search & navigate through Q&As
  • AI based suggestion engine & predictive answer selection for search queries

Intelligent chat bots with knowledge base

Smart virtual assistant technology with harmonised customer identity for personalized customer self-service. Easy to use, interactive & emotionally intelligent

  • Automate lead qualification process and route them to appropriate workflows
  • Harmonized identity management with intelligent KYC integration to track customer & deliver customized experiences
  • Intelligent, predictive conversation interpreter to provide instant answers & support
  • Deep learning-based training model to support multiple languages

Time travel of Technology

Real-time sync

All content sources can be synchronized in real-time

Document Management

Contextual document matching, segregation & storage

Content Management

Intelligent content structuring, updates & relevance

Seamless Integrations

Easier integration into existing portals & KMS systems

Contextual customer identity

Identification of the customer to deliver personalized service

Easy knowledge search

Knowledge trees & maps for easy search of information

Leading businesses into the future of automation

  • Improved customer life time value with tailored solutions

  • Innovative concepts & Efficient Execution

  • Better reporting & Analytics from data

  • Advanced deep learning models & expertise

  • Always ahead of the competition in terms of technology

  • Smarter applications & better operations

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