Data Qualification

Re-imagining Accounts Payable & Receivables

with electronic invoicing

  • Reduced Manual Processes

    Reduce time-to-market by up to 60% through streamlined software delivery

  • Simplified Operations

    Deploy more new services, with greater speed, due to agile development and automation..

  • Reduced Cost

    Gain with SLA bound delivery. Our clients gain 130% ROI with our predictable and time bound services.

Adaequare offers Electronic Invoicing solutions to automate your finance operations & leverage data for strategic outcomes.

Through a suite of solutions, focused on transforming your manual finance processes, be it incoming invoice processing or outgoing invoices.


Whether you are a supplier or buyer , you can choose from our comprehensive e-Invoicing solutions that help with document exchange, easier onboarding , faster payments, compliance with invoicing regulations etc

  • Outsource your entire B2B e-Invoicing process with Adaequare Managed Services, enable straight-through processing with your ERP system
  • Real-time electronic invoice exchange with your local & global trading partners
  • We shield you from numerous regulatory complexities arising due to geography

E-Invoicing –
    Accounts Receivable

Get paid faster & have better control over your accounts receivables. Start sending electronic einvoices to all your customers. It is faster , cheaper & helps in compliance

  • No time-consuming manual data entry, get your invoices validated and formatted into your customer preferred format
  • Make it easier to get paid faster by speeding up the billing process
  • Less paper handling & Reduced disputes

E-Invoicing –
    Accounts Payable

Turn your Accounts Payable process from PO to Payment into a streamlined, Self-driven automated process. Manage all of your invoicing electronically, increase efficiencies & unlock value

  • Reduced bottlenecks with Approvals workflow and simplified processes
  • Total audit trail for in-time compliance & to improve visibility throughout
  • Reduced manual efforts, invoice processing costs & time
  • Capture payment discounts with better operations & early payments


Multi-format support

Support for multiple currencies, formats & global regulations

Tenancy Controls

Tenancy controls by Department/BU/Dept/Org

Dynamic Tax Engine

Jurisdiction Tax rules computation based validations

Seamless Integrations

Easier integration in a multi-ERP environment

Collaborative workflows

Invoice acknowledgement, accept / reject workflow

Printable documents

Deliver output invoices in electronic & printable formats

Why us?

  • Proven experience of delivering e-way bill solutions in India, AR,AP automation

  • Deep domain understanding for impeccable implementations

  • Faster time to market with ready to use tools built inhouse

  • Extensive support with dedicated account management

  • Expertise in integration with various third party tools

  • Managed services on demand to support any complex processes

Related Offerings

Reconciliation / Dispute resolutions

Resolve invoice disputes on the fly and perform accurate reconciliations

Shared Ledgers

Securely share and synchronize records across your suppliers & partners

Master Data Management

Standardize master data across source systems

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