Reconciliations / Dispute Resolutions

Resolve disputes faster & cheaper

with B2B reconciliations & workflows

  • Enhanced supplier relations

    Better communication & easy handling of disputes ensures improved vendor relations

  • Accelerated resolutions

    Automation of dispute information capture and workflow for faster resolution

  • Reduced overhead

    All supplier transaction information at a single place for easier tracking, searching & resolution.

We deliver automated reconciliation & dispute resolution solutions to reduce errors, save on time & money

Match your vendor invoices with the agreed contract rates, validate invoice details, match taxed amounts, Reconcile invoices with 3-way/4-way comparison for payments & much more

Dispute resolution

Invoice dispute resolution automation to eliminate manual process , centralize information capture & collaborative one stop portal for all disputes management

  • Dispute initiation & status tracking
  • Rule based routing, acceptance & rejection of dispute
  • Document attachments in workflows needed for resolution
  • Dispute historical actions / audit trial
  • Integration with ERPs/ Financial systems

B2B reconciliations

Eliminate manual process, ensure there is no missing information, match payment receipts, Bank Transactions to invoices & perform B2B reconciliation.

  • Release management & Automation
  • Missing data capture of the vendors
  • Automatic client identification & payment matching, Bank/NEFT reconciliations
  • Automatic Transaction Matching & Single click reconciliation
  • Integration with all ERPs & Billing systems

Dispute resolution needs more than just technology

RPA & intelligent workflows for dispute handling

Deep learning based models to match & correct

Historical audit trial with document management

Pattern match, 3-way match & Tolerance limits

Scalable & distributed architectures for bulk processing

Alerts, Escalation & updates of disputed transactions

Experience, Expertise & Strong teams

  • Delivered a leading GST reconciliation product in India

  • Proven experience of handling millions of record reconciliations

  • Industry leading consultants as Knowledge partners

  • An expert customer success team for dispute resolution

  • Engineered custom solutions for large financial firms

  • Superior analytics & comprehensive MIS delivered

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