Support the mission-critical requirements of your business

A one-stop solution that takes you seamlessly from e-invoice to e-Way Bill

  • Robust and reliable invoice exchange with e-Way Bill management

  • Option to integrate with any standard source systems

  • Updates are taken care of in cloud application

  • Business partner onboarding

  • Extending interface to partners wherever and whenever required

EnTransact is your next-generation middle office platform.

Seamless inbound/outbound integrations with: Rest API with standard/custom payloads, SFTP with standard/custom templates, Master data synchronization, Centralized/location wise integrations and simple uploading and downloading of files

Extend enTransact to large networks of dealers and suppliers and eliminate communication hassles.

Create self-invoices and inbound e-Way bills to seamlessly integrate with ERP and share with unregistered vendors.

Map/Assign transporters and business partners by every organization or location.

Avail automated GSTIN validation and extendable partner KYC form.

Auto-calculation of distance; e-Invoicing; advanced allocations

Why Us?

  • High Performance

  • Unparalleled support SLAs

  • Reliability

  • Instant Notifications

  • Data/Document Exchange

  • Data/Document Exchange

  • Multi-location processing

  • Accurate Invoicing

  • B2B Reconciliations

  • Integrated GST Filing

Our Customers

Shree Bharat Motors
Mahindra Rise
Apollo Hospitals

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