Cloud Migration

At Adaequare we pioneer in cloud migration with our Migrate first and Upgrade Next approach along with Managed/Continuous DevOps.

  • Servicing 5 Large Enterprises with 100+ Cloud Applications

  • 6 different SaaS Applications with 1000s of enterprise subscribers

  • API Gateway platform with 7.5% of India’s B2B eInvoice traffic

  • Multiple Data Intensive Systems across Mortgage, Finance, Logistics and more.

  • 500+ Strong Team across USA and India

At Adaequare, we combine our strong engineering experience and expertise to deliver cloud migration services leveraging PaaS or IaaS options that meet your business needs and evolve as your business demands with our Migrate First and Upgrade Next approach.

Migrate First

  • Lift and Shift
  • Lift, Tinker and Shift

Upgrade Next

  • License / Technology optimization
  • Legacy upgradation
  • Cloud Friendly Services
  • Micro-Service Architecture
  • Unify common Services
  • Increased scalability, reliability & availability

Automation Enabled Managed DevOps

We offer end-to-end DevOps and take collaborative approach to ensure our client success through ‘Continuous Planning’, ‘Continuous Integration’ and ‘Continuous Delivery’.

    • Multi-cloud deployment and management
    • Infrastructure Management. Infrastructure as Code (IAC)
    • Performance optimization and scaling
    • Site Reliability Engineering, Agility and Elasticity
    • Continuous Integration /
    • Incident Management
    • Environment Monitoring automation and orchestration
    • DevSecOps

Our Partners

Why us?

We are experienced in migrating and managing mission critical or data intensive applications across AWS, GCE, Azure and other Infrastructure as a Service providers.

  • Reduced costs by30 – 40%

  • Increased Security & Scalability; Optimised Availability and Increased Productivity

  • Optimize with DevOps best practices

  • Accelerated updates / Continuous Dev

  • Moving away from Legacy Tech

  • Driving Agility and Innovation in Unification of common or similar services

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