Data Engineering

Efficiently address the data challenges in your organization

Uncover the intelligence in your data gold mine with end-to-end Data Engineering Services

  • Reach your business goals

    Optimized data warehousing and marts helps align business goals and make informed decisions

  • Increase business agility and adaptability

    Organize data by consolidating and moving it to a single, high performance storage system

  • Take stimulating business decisions

    The state-of-the art data visualization techniques provide a simple and clear view of information

  • Stay ahead of competition

    Big Data management to address data deluge

  • Foresee the future

    Analyze and report data effectively to understand the past and take better decisions in the future

Our Data engineering solutions enable companies to design, build and support all the data-driven

Mortgage Analytics

Adaequare’s expertise in the Mortgage Analytics domain, techniques and tools helps the mortgage-related
businesses understand the past and foresee the future better than their competitors. Our
proprietary accelerators and frameworks not only save you time but also ensure swifter returns

  • Developing applications for loan performance, delinquency, broker & appraiser, fraud and
    risk, loan worthiness, product & revenue and lease operations & exposure.
  • Our accelerators include – Business Performance Data Mart, Loan Data Mart, BI work Space
    and Mobile Analytics Framework
  • Helping earn significant returns on investments by identifying multi-lien fraud attempts
  • Flexible customizations of business rules with reduced time-to-market

Data Migration and Consolidation

Adaequare’s Data Migration and Consolidation services help you gain control over your data through
high-end robust solutions to migrate and consolidate your critical business data. Our solutions
include profiling, cleansing and monitoring to improve data quality, metadata to ensure consistent
definitions and usage.

  • Plan
  • Migrate
  • Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)
  • Remediation

Data Visualization

We help stimulate business decisions through simple, clear and interactive data visuals. At Adaequare,
we use state-of-the-art data visualization techniques and principles to give you a detailed
view of the information and guide it towards actionable decisions. Our framework allows users
to build custom dashboards, data visuals and data sets using the most user-friendly and intuitive

  • Address challenging business issues like fraud detection, risk analytics or a business performance
  • A unique combination of creative design, data and text mining algorithmic skills and statistical
    modeling expertise to transform your data issues into business opportunities
  • Rapid prototyping approach and packaged visualization kits that can accelerate your time
    to market

Big Data Engineering

We help strategize a business-technology partnership. We appreciate how a varied mix of strategies is required to ensure that your data is leveraged to deliver higher value. We evaluate your data ecosystem and then hand pick the right kind of data scientists, statisticians, BI analysts, SMEs etc to tackle your specific problem.

  • We apply our proprietary best practice Data Analytics life cycle for unstructured data
  • Identifying quickly your hidden but valuable business drivers
  • Providing the right combination of technology, tools, methods and people apt for your specific needs
  • Rapid prototyping, data mining and POC services scientifically lead to the right mix of the applicable technology and tools, from the start.
  • Using a methodical and process-driven approach to transform your business

DBA Managed Services

Adaequare has been providing DBA Managed services such as database configuration, management, maintenance, and monitoring for various customers. Reliability coupled together with Efficiency has been the hallmark of this team’s success. The team comprising of highly skilled people with vast experience provide 24×7 services with 99.9% SLAs being met year on year.

  • Assured basic administration and support
  • Architecturing – Gathering requirements from different business and technology areas, designing operations outside of or across systems, ascertaining the final business needs and developing a 2-Tier or 3-Tier system.
  • Data Modelling – Working on designing and developing conceptual, logical and physical data models.
  • Capacity planning
  • Storage
  • Back-up strategy
  • Development skills
  • Strategic skills

Why Us?

  • Unique Success Combination – Right combination of technology, tools, methods and people

  • Process Driven Approach – Methodical and process driven approach transforms your business

  • Continuous delivery – Shortened cycle times and agile methodology for continuous development
    and delivery

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