e-Commerce Engineering

End to End e-commerce solutions to bring your brands digital experience to life

  • Extensive Experience

    Reduce time-to-market by up to 60% through streamlined software delivery

  • Reduced time to market

    Deploy more new services, with greater speed, due to agile development and automation..

  • Scalable Technology

    Gain with SLA bound delivery. Our clients gain 130% ROI with our predictable and time bound services.

We provide Implementation, integration, support and monitoring services of B2C and B2B of all leading Ecommerce platforms like Hybris, Magento etc including the provision of these services on our proprietary Ecommerce platform

E-Commerce Implementation & Support

We deliver end to end digital experience solutions & enable different business models, be it selling to businesses (B2B) or selling to customers (B2C).

  • Offer personalized experiences with context driven services
  • Enable your portals with advanced search and navigation capabilities
  • Integrate any third party apps to deliver end-to-end e-commerce automation
  • Easy order processing – including bulk ordering, multi-channel implementation and re-stocking of orders
  • We have expert teams to deliver solutions using multiple platforms including SAP hybris

SAP Hybris Essentials – B2B & B2C

We are experts in SAP Hybris and have delivered comprehensive hybris solutions & services to enterprises of all sizes

  • Hybris implementation
  • Hybris development and customization
  • Hybris mobile app development
  • Hybris customization and extension development
  • Hybris migration services to seamlessly migrate to latest versions of hybris
  • We help manage the platform with continuous upgrades required for the ecommerce platform

Social Media Integrations

We assimilate different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, google+ and others to ensure that you do not lose out on potential business.

  • Integration of social media platforms with your business
  • Allowing users to access your website through the social media sites
  • Letting you to market your products on social media
  • Allowing you to share user-generated content on social media.

Operations Integrations

Automatic update about inventory details. The customer will never be inconvenienced while he/she is browsing through your website.

  • Up-to-date information about inventory levels
  • Pricing information in real-time
  • Communication between hitherto independent data systems – order, inventory, item, customer and shipping/tracking
  • A clear financial statement for the management to facilitate better decision-making
  • Reduced operational costs due to automation of processes

Customer Engagement

Deliver great experiences, ensure every customer interaction is turned into a valuable insight for better engagement

  • You will be able to differentiate between a new customer and a returning one.
  • A live-chat option will also be provided where customers can submit their queries and get their doubts clarified.
  • Facility to customers to open accounts on your website and enjoy a personalized experience.
  • Personalized interactions with customers. E-mails or gift vouchers will be given to them on birthdays, anniversaries and other days.

E-Commerce for SME’s

We understand the requirements of mid and small-sized businesses and will furnish you with exactly what you need to grow and evolve your business

  • You get all our standard e-commerce solution in a concise package.
  • You can add more features as and when your business grows.
  • Minimal IT involvement ensures that you can get your business up and running in no time.

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Why us?

End to End Solutions

Comprehensive e-commerce solutions for a personalized experience

Broad Experience

Dedicated team with cross-product and solution experience

Faster time to market

Faster time to market with ready to use tools built in-house

Global delivery

Global delivery models to enable both B2B and B2C businesses

Business goal alignment

Experts to design solutions that aligns with exactly with your business goals

Dedicated support

Extensive support with dedicated account management

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