Why Choose Adaequare for Seamless App Modernization

For our clients, we are their trusted partner for smooth and successful App Modernization transformation journey.
Our expertise and commitment make us the ideal choice for your Application Modernization needs.
Here's why:

Our Approach and Process

At Adaequare, we employ a comprehensive and well-structured approach to ensure the success of your App Modernization project.
Our process includes the following key steps:

Discovery & Strategy

Our process begins with in-depth discovery and assessment, understanding your goals and pain points. Based on these insights, we develop a meticulous plan and strategy, outlining the ideal technology stack, architecture, timeline, and resources. Together, we'll achieve transformative success.

Code Refactoring and Cloud Adoption

Our experts refactor and optimize code for improved performance and maintainability. We seamlessly migrate your applications to the cloud, ensuring scalability and cost-efficiency.

Integration of New Technologies

We integrate modern technologies like microservices and APIs capabilities to enhance the functionality and user experience of your applications.

Assured Quality, Seamless Support

We rigorously test and ensure high reliability and security for your modernized applications. Our team handles deployment and provides ongoing support for smooth cutover & operations. Your success is our commitment.

Case Studies

Legacy Cobol to TSQL

A multi-billion-dollar technology firm turned to Adaequare for migration of a VS COBOL ETL system to T-SQL

Legacy Java to No Code/Low Code

A multi-billion-dollar technology firm turns to Adaequare to eliminate technical debt of their existing workflow system and replace with to a low / no code application.